Girl Circus presents their inaugural in town show WITCHES!  Darcy DuRuz brings her acclaimed all-women circus and vaudeville troupe to the Wildish Theater, 603 Main Street, Springfield, Oregon. WITCHES features professional circus performers from around Oregon alongside young enthusiasts trained at Girl Circus' summer camps in a fun-filled and spooky romp that draws on conceptions of witchery through the ages. With aerial silks, contortion, hooping, acrobats, original music by Dave Bender, lyrics by Darcy DuRuz and William Shakespeare, and a live orchestra, there’s fun for the whole family!   


Girl Circus has a mission of community, creativity and mentorship, it is a place where girl and women performers can work together, influence each other, act as a team and strive to break through gender boundaries with circus, theater and music.  

Girl Circus presents: WITCHES! 
Girl Circus is bringing our wildly successful Country Fair show to the wider world this Fall!
Get your Halloween on this October 4th and 5th at the Wildish Theater in Springfield, Oregon. Thrill at the death defying stunts of our stunning aerial acrobats, chill at the eldritch power of Girl Circus's hooper, tumblers, and jugglers and groove to the original sounds of the Girl Circus Orchestra. Come see these talented fair family girls! Tickets are available at the Wildish Theater online.

We've just finished up another energetic and intensely creative week of Girl Circus Camp in Eugene. It's been a fantastic experience to work with such strong and persistent girls, and everyone has acquired many new circus skills! They've really been the best witches they can be. As one performer said, "Girl Circus Camp is so great, I wish I could do it every day forever." 

Special thanks to Bounce Gym and trainers Darcy and A for their work and commitment to girl power!

Thanks Alisha Jucevic and the Eugene Register Guard for the nice photo of our Girl Circus workshop!  24 three strong, flexible, daring and persistent performers are working this week on circus skills with trainers Darcy DuRuz and A wise at Bounce gym.  We will showcase our work Saturday August 16, 2:00 at Studio One in the Hult Center as a special feature of Kids Create Eugene.  Free event!

Girl Circusbuilding pyramids
Girl Circus camp in Portland was wonderful!  
So many creative, strong, persistent, brave, funny, kind girls and we created some real magic together, thanks witches! 

Special gratitude to all the support I received from Portland friends: Lupine, Dan, Shelby, Bec, Jeremy, Lotus Seed and especially Shireen Press and Coco.

Girl Circus camp
Girl Circus Camp
Hadley and Iris
Girl Circus
Indy, Ruby and Ahni
Girl CIrcus Camp
Ruby and Jorah
Girl Circus 2014
Sadie, Ella, Talia, Dorothy, Martina, Cadence
WITCHES show at Oregon Country Fair was "BEST Girl Circus show ever!"  according to our friend, magician Joey Pippia, and he should know!
Girl Circus 2014
Morgan Goldberg, Erika Ryn and Kendra Daniels
Every girl needs a "Little Black Dress."
Girl Circus 2014
Kendra Daniels, Opal Farrell, Jamie Millon
All three of our fantastic tumblers/dancers graduated from high school this June and are heading off to college: Kendra to Alaska State, Opal to Portland State and Jamie to University of Puget Sound
Girl Circus 2014
Special thanks to ALL the clouds: Orion, Ruby, Elana, Clara, Alma, Noni, Bina, Mira. Thank you for making clouds such a wonderful theater moment!
Girl CircusMartha and Ruby from Girl Circus
Girl Circus is excited to announce a partnership with Create! Eugene on August 16th, presenting scenes and demonstrations from the Girl Circus summer camp at 2:00PM at Studio One in the Hult Center, Eugene Oregon. Special thanks to Bounce Gym for letting us use their circus room to practice.

Shireen, Morgan and Talia presenting partner acro at Girl Circus Friday show!
Success! The Girl Circus show this year was, as usual, fantastic. Here's what some of our audience members and friends had to say: "Lots of super cool witches, and, as usual, Girl Circus passed the Bechdel test with flying colors," and "The whole family enjoyed the show. Really impressed to see the young women on the silks. My two year old daughter was watching and clapping... I may need to sign her up when she's old enough," and "The creativity is always impressive. Girls were really working hard and pulling off their roles. Having fun with it too," and even "The theme of Girl Circus this year was a stroke of genius. It was deeply awesome to watch all the girls calling upon their powers and using them for good." 
We all had an excellent time performing out there, and we're so glad you loved it! If by some chance you haven't seen the show, we will be presenting Girl Circus WITCHES at the Wildish Theatre in Springfield on October 4/5. Thanks for a great Fair!
Girl CIrcusGirl Circus tumblers Jamie and Opal
Girl Circus presents WITCHES at The WC Fields Stage, Oregon Country Fair, Veneta Oregon.  Friday July 11, 5:30 pm, Saturday July 12 2:30 pm and Sunday July 13, 1:30 pm.